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I was hired to do a choregorphical workshop of BRIGADOON.  There were no plans for a future production when I joined.  It was a month of work.


What happened in the rehearsal room was absolutley magical and remains one of the best experiences I've ever had in my career.  


The production was directed by Rob Ashford.  David Chase was musical director.  John Guare was writing a new book.  The dancers hired were so talented.  It was a privllege to work with them.


We did two industrty presentions of the material thus far.  There was tremedous buzz and we were soon under contract to start rehearsals for the first Broadway revival.  It was going to be 100 minutes, no intermission.  Much of the original sub-plots were eliminated.  It was truly looking to be something incredibly special.


We were scheduled to try out at the Colonial Theatre in Boston (my home town) and then to open on Broadway at the Broadhurst theatre.


The week before rehearsals were to begin, I got the phone call that the production was indefinatly postponed.  Heart-breaking.



Production Stage Manager


Stage Manager


Assistant Stage Manager

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